CYBER 200:
Cybersecurity II

CYBER 200: Cybersecurity II

Course Description:

This course is part two of a two part course. This course is designed for students who are serious about computer and information systems security / information assurance. Topics covered include, principals of information security, personal skills and ethics, network management and design, law and regulations, teamwork and leadership, career ready practices, and computer hardware and software tools. It is a "hands-on" class and much of the work is completed independently. In addition, students will have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments by participating in BPA (Business Professionals of America) Competitions.

  • Satisfies the Michigan Merit Curriculum required online experience for graduation.

  • Counts toward Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts requirement.

Length: 1 Semester

Credits: 1/2

Prerequisite(s): Good Work Ethic