MGT 600: Office Productivity

MGT 600: Office Productivity Certification(s)

Course Description:

By joining the Imagine Academy program, Students are offered a full curriculum for learning technology courses and learning tools that help students achieve success. Imagine Academy enables you to learn not only fundamental technology skills, but also technical courses for your students, faculty plus staff who are interested in pursuing a career in IT after graduation.

Imagine Academy is a complete technology education solution connecting staff, teachers, students, employers and local communities through leading-edge technology skills development that leads to certification.

Learning paths offered

Productivity. Help students learn to be productive using Microsoft Office and other software tools for a wide range of jobs and other life pursuits.

Computer science. Prepare students for college and career roles in software and app development.

IT infrastructure. Provide the core technical skills required to build a sustainable technology career managing infrastructure for cloud, clients, devices databases, and Office 365.

Data Science (Coming in 2017). Builds on core Excel and database fundamental skills by providing students with advanced skills for querying, analyzing and visualizing data.

icrosoft Office Specialist® (MOS) “Specialist” certification validates mastery of Microsoft Office skills that are valuable for a wide range of jobs and other life pursuits. Earning MOS certification proves you have the ability to use Office applications for different on-the-job needs. Becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist provides valuable distinction to help you enter higher education or the workforce. It is a “hand-on” class and much of the work is completed independently. This class will concentrate on ONE of the following exams OF YOUR CHOICE to earn MOS “Specialist” Certification:

  • Exam 418: Word 2013

  • Exam 420: Excel 2013

  • Exam 422: PowerPoint 2013

Length: 1 Semester

Credits: 1/2

Prerequisite(s): MGT 100 & MGT 200 (or) PROG 200 (or) DIG 300 (or) FIN 200 (or) FIN 210 (or) INS 200