Welcome to Mr. Carl's Lab - Room B-106

B-106 Door

As a Career and Technology Education (CTE) teacher in Business, Finance and Technology, I strive to emulate a true business environment in my classroom. As required through the CTE program, our Advisory Panel (consisting of local business and industry leaders) advise us on trends in industry and what skills are needed in the current business environment, including general program knowledge, hardware, software, and soft skills.

B-106 - East Wall

I am proud of my classroom and strive to make it one of the best in the district.  I received a grant for new lighting, making B-106 the brightest classroom in the building. I have also installed some aesthetic LED lighting to add some "fun" to the atmosphere.  My wife helped me cover the 70's Pepto Bismol pink walls with fresh navy and white paint. New navy chairs were purchased to replace the 70's orange, yellow and green seating. New whiteboards have been installed and new interactive projectors replaced the smaller Smart Board and projector.

Two teachers run the CTE Business Department - Mr. Burghardt and myself.  Our current CTE Business Department offers programs in Business Management, Finance and Digital Multimedia Design.  In the fall of 2016, we added Insurance and Computer Science programs based on feedback from our Advisory Panel and students. Marketing was introduced in the fall of 2017. We are also working on bringing Cyber Security and AP Computer Science programs to the CTE Business Department effective fall of 2018.  

Since I offer the more technology based programs within the department, B-106 is equipped with the newest computers.  Our Advisory Panel recommends IBM compatible products.  B-106 currently has HP Pro 3400 Series MT desktops with dual Gateway 23" monitors. We also have a commercial grade HP color laser printer and commercial grade HP Mono Laser Multi-function printer.  We have replaced the Smart brand Interactive White Board with two - Epson BrightLink® Pro 1430Wi Collaborative Whiteboarding Solution with Touch. As standard at Hastings Area Schools, I also have an Elmo TT-12 Interactive Document Camera. Advanced Digital Multimedia Design students have access to the 55" flat panel monitor in the entrance of our building displaying and promoting CTE programs in our building and 4 - 16x32 pixel full color LED modules with controller - for experimenting in Digital Multimedia Design.

B-106 - West Wall

All of my courses utilize the pc's in my lab. Workstations are set up in pods of four - great for individual work and for collaborating in small groups. Electric adjustable workstations were introduced Spring of 2016.

We utilize a wide range of software and web applications in B-106. We are on a Microsoft Network, utilizing Windows 10. Productivity suites include Microsoft Office Suite 2016, Google Apps for Education and Adobe CS6. LanSchool Classroom Management is used in B-106. Students have used Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer for browsers, Notepad II and Unity for 3D Digital Animation. Some Web Apps we use are:,,,, Next Gen Personal,,, etc.