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Printer Default

Printer Settings

In B-106, we have two printers.  The Multi-function printer prints “mono” or only one color – black.  This is the cheapest way to print.  This printer is called “HAS-HS-B106M01”.  The other printer is a color printer – named “HAS-HS-B106CP01”.  Using a color printer generally costs about three times as much to print from, even if you are printing only black – because the printer will generally use the colors also to make the black blacker.


  • To set your default printer (or the printer that is automatically used first), click on your windows key
  • Type “printer” and select “Devices and Printers”
  • Locate your printer
  • Right click on your desired printer and select “Set as default printer”

Other Settings:

  • Continuing from above, right on your desired printer again and select “Printing Preferences”
  • Under the “Finishing” tab, “Document Options” section, check “Print on both sides”, also known as “duplex printing”
  • Under the “Output” tab, “Output Option” section, select “One Staple Angled” from the drop down selection.
  • Click “OK” to save your options.

  • Please set up duplex printing on the color printer also.