According to Indeed, employers often expect their employees to be respectful, hardworking and a team player. Employer expectations can have several benefits, like keeping employees focused and motivated to stay on task. Familiarizing yourself with some of these expectations can help prepare you for a new role or help you advance at your current company. These are the same expectations I have for my classroom:

  1. Have a positive attitude: Be kind to everyone and genuine – do not gossip or spread rumors

  2. Dress properly: Professional dress promotes self-worth

  3. Be punctual: Being punctual means being ready to work when the bell rings

  4. Be dependable: Be productive. Work until clean up time - three minutes before the end of the work period.

  5. Help others: When colleagues support each other and work as a team, they are often able to work more productively

  6. Desire to grow: Having a wider set of skills allows you to do your job better

  7. Communicate effectively: Effective workplace communication helps drive better results for individuals, teams, and organizations

  8. Meet deadlines: Deadlines help to provide structure in your organization, meet obligations, accomplish goals, and deliver services.

  9. Be self-motivated: Self-motivation assists you and your organization to meet goals

  10. Learn from your mistakes: Mistakes can be excellent learning opportunities and a chance to improve your skills

Tips to meet an employer’s expectations:

  1. Work hard

  2. Collaborate with colleagues

  3. Ask questions

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