DropBox is a cloud storage service, so files are available anywhere an internet connection is available. No more emailing files to yourself. No more flash drives! No more wondering “if” you have the file with you, or which file was last updated. This weekend, a friend called asking for a file. I was on the road, but within a few minutes, I was able to send the file because I had DropBox installed on my smart phone and had access to the file! Isn’t technology wonderful!?!?

When DropBox arrived on the scene in the fall of 2009, it was aimed at consumers. But today, some of Dropbox's 100 million-plus users worldwide are students and teachers, who use the Web storage and file synchronization service in a variety of ways.

Because it is a browser-accessible Web service, Dropbox needs little in the way of IT intervention, and can be used by students on campus and off. And because it offers clients for Windows, Mac and Linux -- as well as Android, iOS and BlackBerry smartphones -- any teacher or student can use Dropbox, regardless of device. You may use the web based application, or you can install a little file which will put an icon (folder) on your desktop for easy access (DropBox will offer to help you with this also). I prefer this method because the files are always accessible on my desktop without having to open anything.

A free Dropbox account includes 2 GB of space. Users can earn more free space in a variety of ways – including referrals. If you are interested in DropBox, please follow this link as both you and I will get FREE additional storage space because of the referral:https://db.tt/tcwhTxdD. Simply add an account, install the app on your device and sign in - and you are all set! For any additional devices you would like access to your files, simply install the little application again and sign in! BAM! You have your files!!!

This web application has saved me several times and I love the additional convenience! I hope you enjoy this application as much as I have! In the near future, I will do additional Tech Tips on features within DropBox that I am sure you will LOVE!!!