PowerSchool Grade Viewer

Students can check their own grades through PowerSchool.

Mr. Carl requires students to check/verify their own grades for Mr. Carl's classes once a week. Students are expected to capture a screen shot of their grades for Mr. Carl's class, paste it in an email, and send it to Mr. Carl. Grade Checks are assigned every Monday and students have until Sunday to turn it in. If a student is absent all week, then he /she will be exempt from this assignment for that week. Here are step by step instructions for a windows based PC.

    1. Using Google Chrome Browser on a PC or Mac, login to your District issued student gmail account.

      • I will NOT accept personal email accounts.

      • I will NOT accept mobile device screen shots.

    2. Selecting another tab in your browser, log into PowerSchool Grade Viewer

      • Contact Student Services if you need your login information.

      • Login is the same as your network login - ie "31first.last"

      • Password is the same as your network password

    3. Select the class you have Mr. Carl by clicking on your grade and view your assignment grades for that class.

    4. Capture a screen shot

      • Make sure the "window" you want to capture is selected

      • Press the <Print Screen> button while holding down the <Alt> key to capture only the browser window with your grades.

      • It does not appear anything happens, but the screen shot has been copied to your clipboard

    5. Go back to your gmail account.

    6. Select "Compose"

    7. In "To:", enter "Bob Carl" or "robert.carl@hassk12.org"

    8. In "Subject:", enter "Grade Verification for [class]"; where [class] is your course name. ie. "FIN 100"

    9. In the composition section, paste from your clipboard

      • To do this, press the <V> key while holding down the <Ctrl> key