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The Broad College of Business would like to invite you to consider applying to the Residential Business Program (RBP) Community

We are writing to invite you to apply for the Residential Business Program (RBP) Community at Michigan State University. The RBP Community is dedicated to creating a residential academic experience to promote, enhance, and support students’ academic, personal, and professional growth in their development as business students in a diverse and multicultural world. The RBP Community prepares students to be business leaders and encourages their own professional development throughout their college experience. The program will also assist students in acquiring the relational skills necessary to succeed and lead in today’s global society. Through a seamless environment of academic and experiential learning activities, students develop business leadership competencies in a collaborative, inclusive, and multicultural environment.


The RBP Community is an exciting living, learning, and leadership opportunity for incoming freshmen and undergraduates pursuing a business degree in the Broad College of Business. Through a fantastic support system consisting of the Broad College’s nationally acclaimed Lear Corporation Career Services Center, Multicultural Business Programs, and Undergraduate Academic Services, the Residential Business Program Community will help students develop the academic and professional profile needed to succeed in college and in a career after graduation.

The RBP Community is housed in McDonel Hall which is conveniently located near the Business College Complex, just a short walk away. McDonel Hall is located in the River Trail Neighborhood which houses our Neighborhood Engagement Center (


Students who participate in the RBP will experience these significant benefits:

  • Support students as they transition to college life

  • Resources for successful admission to the Broad College

  • Growth in cultural intelligence and leadership skills that corporate recruiters expect

Please review the Residential Business Program Community website for more information:

Here is a video about the RBP Community experience:

Please remember, participation in the Residential Business Program Community is selective (only 200-230 spaces). To apply, students must submit the application form, your resume, and essays online or mail us the application materials to:

Residential Business Program Community

Broad College of Business

817 East Shaw Lane

C101 L McDonel Hall ~ River Trail Engagement Center (RBP)

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48825

The application deadline is March 1, 2016.

To complete an online application go to:

If you are interested in learning more about the RBP Community Experience, you can join us for a Friday informational session located in Room 2 of McDonel Hall/River Trail Engagement Center. Please sign up at the following website:

For additional information about the Eli Broad College of Business, I would encourage you to visit our website at: If you need more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or email the program coordinator listed below.


Amy Radford-Popp, PhD

Assistant Director, Residential Business Program

Undergraduate Academic Services


Amy Radford-Popp, Ph.D.

Assistant Director | Residential Business Program

Broad College of Business | Michigan State University

East Lansing | MI 48824

RBP Office | 517-884-4087 | C101 L McDonel Hall |River Trail Engagement Center (RBP)

Fax | 517-353-1667 |

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