ACT Prep

Hello students, parents, and educators,

The second ACT of the school year is this Saturday, October 24th. Here are three ways students can prepare for the test with Method Test Prep.

1) Login and use your Method Test Prep account. Watch this short video to see how to use Method Test Prep.

2) Attend our live online teacher-led ACT mini classes. Each 90 minute session is $50 or attend all four sessions for $150!

Enroll and learn more here.

    • Tonight, Monday, October 19th – ACT English

    • Tuesday, October 20th – ACT Science

    • Wednesday, October 21st – ACT Math

    • Thursday, October 22nd – ACT Reading

3) Use our ACT prep on demand classes. These ACT prep classes are perfect for any student taking the ACT. Each class is $35 or save $25 and receive all five recordings for only $150. Each session is 90 minutes.

Session 1 - ACT English. You’ll learn all the grammar rules that the ACT consistently tests on, and how to answer these questions in the most time efficient manner possible.

Session 2 - ACT Science. This is one of the most misunderstood sections of the ACT. In this class, you will learn what they actually test you on in the science section, and all the necessary strategies to conquer it.

Session 3 - ACT Math. You’ll learn some of the most important math strategies on the ACT. They will be useful for understanding how to solve a wide range of questions, as well as how to decipher some of the hardest questions for those looking to get top scores.

Session 4 - ACT Reading - Many students make very preventable mistakes on the ACT reading section. Learn all the tips and tricks to avoid these common errors.

Session 5 - General ACT review – Method Test Prep founder and president Tom Ehlers will review all sections of the ACT and discuss what to do the days before and morning of the ACT to walk into the test with the utmost confidence. This class will also clear up any general confusion about the ACT.