To Access Shared Calendars

1. Sign into Google

2. Go to your Google Calendar

3. Copy the link I gave you (located below)

4. On the left side of the calendar, there is a spot for "Other Calendars". Click on the down arrow to the right of it.

5. Select "Add by URL"

6. In the dialog box, now paste the link I gave you (located below).

7. Click on "Add Calendar", to add the calendar to your collection

8. When added, it will show up under Other Calendars and "should" already been selected - if not, select it so it displays on YOUR personal calendar.

9. Boom! You now have the school calendar added to your Google Calendar

10. On your Android phone, you might have to go into calendar settings, and select this calendar to display with your other events. You can selectively turn it on and off - just like on the web.

11. To add additional calendars, repeat steps 3 - 10.